Amit, Roee

The genome harbors additional codes. The genetic code was just the first one to be discovered. In order to decipher and decode the genome, we need to make a Biological Rosetta stone. Our research is dedicated to achieving this goal. Continue Reading Amit, Roee

Kimmel, Eitan

Bio-heat and bio-mass transport. Cell and tissue mechanics. Nano-acoustics medicine: ultrasound and opto-acoustics in medicine and biology as determined by intracellular, intra-membrane cavitation and bubble dynamics. Acoustic neuromodulation. Biomechanics of trauma and decompression. Acoustics of the inner ear Continue Reading Kimmel, Eitan

Savir, Yoni

At the Savir lab, our goal is to study, both experimentally and theoretically, Information processing in biological systems and its failure in aged cells Continue Reading Savir, Yoni

Starosvetsky, Yuli

Nonlinear dynamics and vibrations, bifurcations and nonlinear waves. Regular and stochastic dynamics of granular media. Development of passive nonlinear strategies for localization. Wave propagation in multi-layered composite systems, with repetitive structures, ordered/disordered structural defects and discontinuities. Continue Reading Starosvetsky, Yuli