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Who We Are

An innovative graduate program at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, a world leading institute of science, engineering and medicine.

The program includes a variety of research areas and topics mentored by Technion researchers,  and a personalized course program based on  each student’s areas of interest.  A student May choose an adviser from almost any department at the Technion (and not just  from the list of potential advisers).

Research fields include: Image processing, Fluid Mechanics, Mathematical Biology & Medicine, Machine Learning & Data Analysis, Probability & Statistics and more.

Graduate scholarships for all qualified students and additional excellence-based awards are available.

As a graduate student in the applied mathematics program, I am acquiring tools for constructing theoretical models of complex biological phenomena, such as the computational processes underlying brain function. The elegance of the mathematical language has the potential to abstractify complexity, thus enabling deep insights and the identification of universal principles
Lee Susman
<em>Lee Susman</em>